Let’s face it – it was a busy day

Today was the busiest day so far at the Gallery.

Craig and Jenny

Craig Cummings and Jenny Powell at the Opening

Nicola called in with a hot chocolate minutes after Barry had brought me one so I was on a delicious high after drinking both with gusto. Artists popped in. Gillian arrived with my daily update on the happenings at the Arts Festival. Carolyn paid a visit and we caught up on her recent residency. Karen arrived with her lunch and a chat. Elspeth popped by to see what food requirements I had in mind for Sunday. My son’s gorgeous partner, Phoebe, called in after work and then Chris arrived to collect her. And that was just my friends. There were passersby, people who had read about the exhibition in the paper, some had seen it listed in the festival programme and others had heard about it from friends. Staying open to six was definitely worthwhile, I might try that another night.

Elizabeth and Robert

Elizabeth Brooke- Carr and Robert Cooke at the Opening

Barry picked me up at 6.00pm  and we went to see Nick – An Accidental Hero, the best theatre I have ever seen.  Brilliant. Then out to Nova for dinner and home. A busy day.


Christine Spain’s response to my poem, Let’s face it.


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