Not quite leaving yet, but only two days to go

Leaving - Sharon Murcott

Leaving – Sharon Murcott

Every photo I’ve taken of Leaving has caught the reflection of the paintings on the other side of the Gallery, even on dull days. Apologies for this to Sharon and readers.


We are waking to a small grief.
Yesterday he packed his

into boxes; endings and

21 years ago, we couldn’t see
beyond 9 months. Now
we can’t see

beyond today. There are holes
and silences to fill.

We have room for conversation
but nothing to say.

       © Ruth Arnison

The guys from My Mate John collected the borrowed furniture this morning so I rang my mate Barry and asked him to bring in a comfortable chair and a side table for my stuff – sudoku book, pen, glasses, paper, crosswords –  and a table for the cat.  Barry arrived with my lunch, chair and tables and very shortly, after a slight rearrangement, my metal mousetrap cat and I were resettled. She’s still looking out the window but sitting slightly higher.

Silect Lyrics - Rob Piggotts and Jenny Merhtens

Silent Lyrics – Rob Piggott and Jenny Mehrten

One poem and two artists’ interpretation. Interesting isn’t it? I had a request for this poem today so I emailed it off to the requestee and then I thought why not post it here as well. So…………..

Silent lyrics

If I could sing you a love song I’d voice
not one word,

but play a tune over your lips with mine,
whisper a chorus of breaths in your ears.

If I could sing you a love song you’d hear
every caress in my silence,

fingertips outlining your face with a hum,
lips crooning over the creases on your brow.

If I could sing you a love song I’d tell you
without sounding a note,

toes entwining in a melody of moments,
fingers gentling in harmony with yours.

If I could sing you a love song I’d murmur
not one bar,

but scale your body with a rhythmic touch
signing these lyrics.

© Ruth Arnison

Julie Woods and Ron Esplin called in this afternoon. It’s wonderful to see them back in Dunedin after their exciting holiday in South America. Ron emailed a daily diary while they were away so all the armchair travellers in NZ could share in their trip.

laugh a lotLynn Taylor popped in for a late afternoon visit. Her table of letters and shelf of words have been a real bonus for the exhibition. People are always stopping to have a play – today’s letter playing produced the words Abundance, laugh a lot, smile, and Hi Gran!

From my seat by the windowIf you haven’t been to the exhibition, hurry, hurry.

It will all be coming down late Sunday afternoon after the Questions and Artists event.

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