Playful day in the Gallery

Ladies playing in the GalleryViviane and Pauline agreed to spend some time beading and painting in the Gallery today.

Pauline and Kira

Pauline and Kira

Kira was the main sitter but after Pauline completed Kira’s portrait she was on a roll so Sue, Viviane and I gave ourselves up to Pauline’s brush strokes!

Pauline and Sue

Pauline and Sue

I think the laughter and activity drew people into the Gallery.

Pauline with me!

Pauline touching up her painting of me – seated with my sudoku book.

I’ve named my painting, Double Glazing. I need reading and distance glasses and the best place to keep the pair I’m not wearing is on my head!

Sue and Viviane

Viviane beading and chatting to Sue while Pauline works in the background

I placed Viviane and Pauline in full view of passersby so they were noticed.


Viviane beading

Tomorrow is your last chance to see all the wonderful art which made up A Palette of Poetry. The Gallery opens at 10.00am so call in to say Hi and have a look around in the morning.

Viviane's portrait

And the last portrait for the day – Viviane.

 The Questions and Artists session starts at 1.00pm and will be all over by 2.30 pm. At 4.00pm I’ll start unhanging all the artwork.  It’s been a busy two weeks  – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Princes St, met some wonderful people, and made some great new friends.

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