Setting aside A Palette of Poetry

When you sell five artworks on the last two days of an exhibition and then three more after the exhibition has closed it makes you wonder. Perhaps I should have said every day was the LAST DAY and maybe we would have sold more as people felt an urgency to make up their minds!

DSC04455Aaron Hawkins introducing the artists at the Questions and Artists session.

But we sold 19 artworks which was a grand result. From donations, commission on artworks, and the sale of postcards,  we made enough money to completely fund one edition of the poetry cards including their postage. This is an enormous help.

Q and A2 APOPGlimpses of the artists and the audience at the Question and Artists session.

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported this year’s exhibition and accompanying events.  I’d like to organise one major fundraising event for Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ) in 2015 but I haven’t even started to think about what form it might take………. I’ll post any news on our main blog.

 Cheers for now


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