Ella Knapton

 Ella participated in our Bellamys at Five exhibition last year. She created a work in response to Emma Neale’s poem, An Inward Sun.  

I thought artists would welcome a large selection of poems this year but, for some,  it became a dilemma. They couldn’t decide between two or three or four of their favourites. Where possible I said,”Well just take the lot.”  Ella’s response was immediate. “I’d like Off the Edge please.” I haven’t caught up with her yet to find out what made it instantly appealing.  I’m not even going to ask what she’s planning. The surprise will be mine as much as yours.

Introducing Ella:

I’m in my final year at Dunedin School of Art majoring in painting. I work with mixed media. Last year I worked with collage and image deconstruction.

9913_10200860893337802_1559152786_n           1002016_10200860893737812_941112588_n           1453397_10200860894377828_338920394_n This year my research is based around chaotic landscapes and destruction – post disaster sites with a sort of unsettling energy. This is a combination of just fascination and also my own experience and memory. I have started by doing really large panoramic drawings, making the scenes overwhelming to the viewer.

IMG_20140225_175150          IMG_20140310_160220
In May I am heading to Shanghai for a month on a Summer School scholarship program. I’ll be attending a university there with other students from Australia and New Zealand. During the course we do all sorts of field trips around the Shanghai art district and nearby attractions. The course is a mixture of traditional and contemporary Chinese art, film, culture and economics. I’m going just for the culture shock really. And I think my years work will benefit from the experience.

It’s always been my absolute dream to visit Huangshan National Park and its only a $25 bus ride away from where I’m staying so I’m most excited about this!! I’ll be spending three nights staying at the top of the mountain range. I plan to use my trip to Shanghai to draw from the chaotic environment.



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