Janie Porter

Janie  lives in Canterbury in view of the mountains, between the estuary and the sea. In her opinion paintings have a story to tell, so she has loved getting involved with the poetry and art movement in Dunedin.

I 'spect

I ‘spect

This is one of Janie’s works in the exhibition opening on Sunday. I ‘spect is Janie’s response to the poem.


After a rainy day

She was candyfloss pink.
T shirt, tutu, tights, handbag,
feathered clips, gumboots and wand.

She waved it at the cars. They stopped
as she clomped over the pedestrian crossing
clutching her kindy painting.

People are smiling, she said. I think
my outfit makes them happy. I ‘spect I look
like a marvellous sunset after a rainy day.


You can view more of Janie’s work here


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