Jenny Longstaff

Jenny with her cat Tilly

I first met Jenny in the Band Stand at the Botanic Gardens where she had an art display  during the Fringe Festival.  We chatted for ages about art, travel, work, exhibitions……. and we’ve been friends ever since.



Jenny took part in the first PitWR exhibition, When North meets South, and she designed the booklet which accompanied the second PitWR exhibition, Bellamys at Five.  Jenny designed the poetry book, created artworks, and was general stage manager for my PoARTry@Olveston exhibition. She has created four artworks for A Palette of Poetry, plus designed the poster, and the postcards.

Until recently I couldn’t figure out how Jenny managed to fit all her activities, plus work, into her  life. And then a clue arrived, or several. Emails landing in my inbox at  1.15am, 2.30am………. Obviously her willingness to stay up until the small hours of the morning is the answer!

Introducing Jenny Longstaff

By the stream

Originally from Australia, Jenny has enjoyed living in the North East Valley community for the past 30 years, finding inspiration in its urban and rural aspects. The Botanic Garden is a particular pleasure.

Garden Visitor

Jenny relinquished a career as a book designer to go on a 2-year motorcycling and camping journey throughout Australia (2008–2010), then returned to Dunedin to embrace art and tourism, combining a commitment to painting and photography as well as working at Olveston Historic Home.

snow coming

Last year Jenny was appointed President of the Otago Art Society.



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