Jenny Mehrtens

When I sent Jenny a selection of my poems to read, she replied….

I’ve enjoyed reading the poems that you sent me….straight away, “Burning Question” and “Descendants” leapt out as being poems I can paint from….

Burning Question came about after discovering this postcard when we were clearing out an Aunt’s house in England. Ernest was Barry’s Grandfather. As the picture on the other side shows him in his naval uniform we’re guessing he sent this to his wife or wife-to- be during WWI.

Yours to a cinder

Jenny is busy working on a new series of paintings right now. I’ve pulled the following information from her website. 

Hop over there now, have a browse at the Local Letterboxes, Linocut Prints, The Shine Series, the Hotere Series  and more…….

Jenny MehrtensJenny Mehrtens is an Arrowtown based artist, primarily a painter. Jenny was born in Dunedin in 1962. She had a successful clothing design business based in Dunedin in the 1980s (under the labels “Jenny Haggitt Originals” and “Verve”). Jenny studied painting at a two year course under the tuition of Roberto Paulet at Inverlochy Art School in Wellington from 2006-2007. She now lives in Arrowtown and has a studio on the outskirts of the small town, where she paints in a number of styles.

Jenny was exposed to a wide variety of visual arts growing up in Dunedin with a family who were interested in it, some of whom were also artists. This interest has continued throughout her life. In particular she admires New Zealand artists Ralph Hotere, Tony Fomison, Dick Frizzell and Max Gimblett.

“Making art for me is a journey, almost a quest. In my studio I am always experimenting and trying different things. If there is one thread I have common with most of my work it is that I like working with gold leaf. From early times it has been used to revere an object or idea that the artist wants to convey. The making of art for me is about communicating ideas. ”

Jenny has had several group and solo exhibitions and her work can be found in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom the US and Singapore.


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