Joanne Webber

I’ve only met Joanne via email and know as much about her as her website details. BUT I do know that I like her work. It instantly appealed to me so I was delighted when Joanne responded to my invitation by saying ……This sounds a pretty cool thing to do, so yes, I am interested.

I’ve seen Joanne’s two artworks which will be heading South sometime soon and they are wonderful.  They are responding to the poems, Un rêve français and  Night Talking.

Introducing Joanne Webber

SONY DSCJoanne Webber BA (hons)

Joanne is a Christchurch based artist who has many years of experience. As well as working to commission and painting murals, she exhibits throughout New Zealand.

Joanne’s work is defined by the use of bold colours which dance on the canvas and draw the eye around the scene.

Precariously balanced

Precariously balanced

Inspiration for artwork comes from a diversity of places such as advertising, history and an interest in and concern for the natural world.

Flying into oblivion

Flying into oblivion

Webber often uses irony to comment on events, as seen through her use of kiwiana icons and a play on words which produces quirky and thought-provoking works.


facebook: Joanne Webber Artist


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