Kate Williamson

I distinctly remember ‘finding’ Kate. We’d called in to the Portobello Gallery for a look around after a walk and two artworks just mesmerized me. They were high on the wall so I asked who the artist was and jotted down her name. When we arrived home I googled  Kate Williamson and then watched 3 movies capturing Kate painting live – Amazing.  I very bravely emailed saying I don’t know whether you’d be interested but here goes………  and gave Kate my blurb about Poems in the Waiting Room and this year’s exhibition.  I thought Kate lived in Wellington so I was surprised and extremely pleased when she told me she was living down the other end of the peninsula from me.

Kate response was so so positive  – yes, it sounds fantastic, I’d love to be involved. Please count me in. I would love to be inspired by a poem and create a painting from it. Looking forward to the show already.

Kate has chosen three poems, On the Millenium Track, If I take the wings, and How will I know?

Introducing Kate Williamson

Kate Williamson

Kate Williamson

Living besides the wild and vast cockle beds of the Otago Peninsula in a semi off-grid lifestyle, I work hard to capture the essence of this amazing place. The raw natural beauty and power of the land and sea is expressed in my intuitive painting style. The very popular Cockle Hunter Series of paintings are inspired by my immediate environment, and this series relates to anyone who enjoys foraging for Kai Moana.  My paintings have captured the emotional response of the viewer in a profound way, hence very appreciative customers who tell me my work is inspirational to them, this is very exciting for me to know my work has a connection with people like this.

Painting inspires me to pursue my deep connection with this land, birds and people.  I am compelled to do this in a unique and individual way keeping the paint expressive and loose to capture the atmosphere of a place.

My inspiration is the relationship between land, sea and sky.  I want my works to be seen as more than a mere depiction of what I see, I want them to speak to the viewers deeper response to the atmosphere within the work.
I was born in Christchurch, but was later brought up in the country in the Waikato. During which, I spent time in the Coromandel doing a conservation course.  Then I spent many years tour guiding in fantastic places such as the Able Tasman National Park. Also as a horse track guide catching the Earnslaw steamship to work at Walter Peak Station. I spent winters working outdoors in various departments in the ski field industry around Queenstown and Wanaka.  At 25 years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, which after 6 months of chemotherapy I wasn’t able to continue working in the snow due to a side effect of the treatment.  So I jumped in my little car with my fox terrier and headed for a warmer climate. While in Wellington I discovered The Learning Connection Art School. During their two year course art Diploma (honours) I did many commissioned murals. After which, I was invited to France by world-renowned large-scale artist Yvan Mauger. This trip was paid for by the French embassy in Wellington, we painted at Le Mans 24 hour endurance car race, completing a very large performance painting during the show.

photo2In 2010 I did the correspondence art Diploma (advanced) from the Learning Connexion. I have been consistently selling my work and getting fantastic international recognition due to saatchionline.com one of my works was top ten in the international competition themed  Back To Nature, beating out 3000 entries. ( http://www.saatchiart.com/showdown/finalist/showdown/15 ) Since then my work National Bonspiel has been selected on the Saatchi site’s top 2013 works. ( http://explore.saatchiart.com/bestof2013/ ) . Also an international site called Incandescent Art has a selection of my works, it is a highly selective site and I am very proud my work has been discovered and displayed on this site. http://incandescentart/kate-williamson/  Previously, my work was exhibited in BONZ gallery for two years in a permanent display. Although my work has sold to people all over the world with the majority as repeat customers, my paintings do seem to be largely collected by New Zealanders and expat kiwis.

The current gallery showing Kate’s work is the Bryce Gallery in Christchurch. For more information about Kate check out her website here.   Kate will have three new works for sale at our October exhibition. Make a note  of the dates now – A Palette of Poetry, Community Gallery, Dunedin, October 5-19.



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