Lynn Taylor

Lynn made a massive contribution to last year’s exhibition, Bellamys at Five. She not only contributed with artwork but she also tutored two very successful bookbinding workshops. This year she is exhibiting her work and tutoring two Print Poem Book workshops. One is already fully booked and the second one has four places left. Check out all the details under The exhibition and events header.

Introducing Lynn Taylor

Lynn approaches her art practice with a printmaker’s sensibility working across print, digital, textile, paint and written mediums. She is interested in integrating and pushing the boundaries of these disciplines to create objects and surfaces that invite viewers to touch. She enjoys researching historical and nautical themes, scratching away to uncover things that lurk under the surface. In two parallel streams she works as a visual artist and an arts facilitator.


Lynn has been involved in a significant number of art projects and workshops which focus on encouraging creativity and developing art integration with specific communities. Examples include annually working with students at St Margaret’s College Otago University, the Art and Anatomy project (2014), The Westland with Joanne B Karr (NZ and Scotland), the Caselberg trust project in 2006, the Old Chief Post Office exhibition for the Otago Arts Festival in 2008 and the Interchange Exhibition in Jeonju, South Korea. Much of her work is linked with residencies which have been undertaken locally, nationally and internationally. Currently she is involved with Scottish artist Deirdre Nelson’s project ‘The Kildas’.

Lynn 2
Graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Education she focused her early career on specialist art teaching.  In 1998 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dunedin School of Art) followed by a Master of Fine Arts (distinction) 2003.  Taylor has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Japan and the United States with her work held in numerous collections and receiving a number of awards.

You can find out more about Lynn here and here.


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