Marilyn Andrews

I came across Marilyn some time ago and added her to my list of artists to contact if I ever organised another exhibition. When I emailed Marilyn inviting her to take part in A Palette of Poetry the response was immediate and positive. She has selected her poem, Tall Poppies, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her interpretation!


Pleinair Banner

I am a full time professional artist working from my home studio and gallery beside the Brook Stream, 5 minutes from Nelson city centre. I am primarily and passionately a landscape artist creating vibrant images from my environment. I enjoy the vibrancy of colour, and landscapes are a wonderful excuse to play with shapes, colours and textures on the canvas surface. It’s the juxtaposition and resonance of colour that I really enjoy…light and vibration.

Gallery image

Hong Kong night

Gabriele Munter, Monet, Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Doris Lusk and Toss Woollaston have all influenced my work. Each artist has taken me through experimental paths of exploration.

Gallery image

Abandoned Orchard, Lefkes, Paros, Greece

Landscapes of New Zealand, England, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Spain and Greece feature. I plan to travel to Italy and France, so in future a little more of Europe may appear.

Gallery image

All In A Row-Letterboxes Diamond Harbour

I graduated from Nelson Institute of Technology in 1993 with a Certificate in Art and Design and Diploma in Visual Arts, majoring in sculpture and jewellery. I have been finalist in the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards, multiple finalist in the Telecom Art awards, winner of the Yellow Pages Arts Scholarship in 2003, and have had work selected for exhibitions nationally. I have been published (Oct 2006) in “Favourite New Zealand Artists” with 59 other artists and am featured in “New Zealand – A Painted Country” (November 2007), another colourful publication featuring around 25 artists focusing on their own favourite regions.

Gallery image

We Have Crawling Things In Our Garden!

I live life to the full and have enjoyed many pursuits, horse riding, jet ski-ing, tramping, travelling, reading, organic gardening, music, fashion design, life drawing, ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango, Latin dance, contemporary dance. Having two daughters and a son (a life enhancing experience in itself and well worth the effort!).

Gallery image

Pathway to Paradise – Abel Tasman

I have outlets around New Zealand, exhibited for a time at Eclipse Gallery in Hitchin, England and ‘Gallery at The Wentworth’ in Sydney. Udara Art Studio in Melaka, Malaysia exhibits my work. I exhibit frequently and have work in collections world – wide. Travel to Greece, Spain, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and around New Zealand has inspired my landscape painting. I am influenced by different cultures and the effect humans have on the landscape and environment, sometimes avoiding any reference to human habitation and looking for nature in its purist sense, other times enjoying the interaction. Mixing geometric construction with the organic creates a particular tension and visual interest within the composition.

Gallery image

Miyazu Garden VIII

Friends are special to me and sharing some of their interests has also been fun – for instance motorbike excursions to see some of the wonderful countryside in New Zealand, competitive ballroom dancing and simply experiencing some of the beautiful fresh and interesting food and drink of our region at many of the cafes, restaurants and vineyards which have sprung up. It’s also special to share my own home/studio with friends and family. All these things add flavour and piquancy to my work as an artist.

If you would like to see more of Marilyn’s work hop over here


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