Ron Esplin


Introducing Ron Esplin

Ron Esplin head shot

Ron chose my poem Ratatouille as inspiration for his artwork.


Casting her eye over the meal,
the youngest gathered a forkful
and asked,

if this, redirecting her eyebrows
to perform an indicative trick,
had a name?

When her Father answered Ratatouille,
she replied, all the cast or just
 the main characters?


Ron has had a lifetime exposure to art as both his late father Tom, and his brother Clark were painters, jointly referring to their involvement in art activities as “The family Firm.”


Ron was drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, and was soon in demand at school to do posters and stage sets for school productions. Ron continued to paint recreationally, attending evening classes at Otago Polytechnic Art School before embarking in 1995 on a serious effort to develop his painting.


Ron has a studio in central Dunedin where he paints in acrylics and oils, and has continued to develop his watercolour painting.


Ron is an Artist member and Council member of  The Otago Art Society, and served as a member of the Council of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society.


Ron has exhibited regularly in Dunedin, has had work exhibited in Otaru, Dunedin’s sister city in Japan, and he is also represented in the Dunedin City Council art collection and the prestigious Forrester Gallery in Oamaru.



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