Sue Alderman

P1000109I met Sue a few weeks ago when she was in Dunedin visiting family. I casually mentioned that if she was interested she could join the exhibition but the time frame might be too tight. Four days later Sue delivered me her exhibition work!


I have been interested in art since a child at Primary School. I trained as a Primary school teacher and taught art to all levels up to Year 7. Although enjoying and encouraging children’s art, it was only in 2011 that I finally challenged myself to take my own art more seriously.

P1090010I would say my style, subject matter are ‘eclectic’ or perhaps a collection of styles and studies depending on what interests me at the time. I have had no formal training but have attended a few classes and workshops. I have recently been illustrating some poems I have written. I would love to produce a children’s book.

P1090129I mostly use acrylic, but also pastels,water-colour, pencil and pen and ink.

Penguin St 013

Penguin St 020


2 Responses to Sue Alderman

  1. John Alderman says:

    Great work Sue, love it

  2. Travis Woolcott says:

    Lovely pieces, Sue. We need to see more – and particularly a lovely, illustrated children’s book.

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